The portrait of the foot!!!

I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon since the rise of the social networking digital age, the foot portrait. People seem to take photo’s of their feet, it’s true I see it on Facebook frequently and now I’m on instagram I’ve been exposed to a lot of stranger’s feet.

Why is this so? I personally don’t get it, why have I been left out of the foot fascination? Do people just get bored with their camera or iphone and just start snapping at their feet? Or is their feet really that interesting? I’m not judging anyone, it’s just I’m highly curious and want to know why??

Is their some deep meaning to all of this, or something deeply primal like how deep down we all want to play in some mud. Be honest now, you want to be a kid again. You secretly want  do all those kid things like, play in the ball pit at those children play centers!!!!

Sorry I do digress, I was talking about feet.

I’m sure if I looked at the history of art and literature I would find many  works based on the humble foot. I know the bible has many foot references that are written in quite a poetic way. So this may be the beginning of a foot quest to find out why there is such huge amount of attention that has focused on feet!!!


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