Blogging ideas

I’ve been having lots of fun with the 30 day song challenge and I’ve come to realise that it’s a great platform to lauch interesting writing idea’s. For instance, day 4 had me thinking of a sad song but I couldn’t choose just one so I wrote a blog about all the sad songs. I now  feel inspired to write more on the topic of a sad song and I can see how one idea spawns a whole bunch of other ideas.

Tomorrow I’m to share a song that reminds me of someone. The song I’ve chosen reminds me of my best friend which then leads me to write about  all of our fun laughing adventures we had together (usually sipping tea at 4am in the morning).

If you have a writer’s block then I suggest giving the 30 song challenge ago, even if it’s to just to inspire idea’s. It has certainly got me thinking and on a  roll. I wrote in a previous blog about when writer’s block strikes what can be done to overcome it. I hope somehow this helps spark some ideas for anyone who is struggling to write their next post?

Happy blogging!!!


2 responses to “Blogging ideas

  1. Hey Tammy,

    Great blog, I don’t know where you get all the ideas from! Your photography is really startlingly good, especially those landscapes and shopfronts. T’was good to run in to you today 🙂

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