My Son has a friend

It’s very exciting for me to witness my Son connecting with one of his peer’s.  They have so much fun together and at times go a bit crazy. Initially  I had the concern that because he was mimicking his non verbal friend, would that set him back with his development but now I think that’s bollocks!!!

Why do I think that? Well for a start he has made a connection with another humane being and that is massive in it self. He is learning how to sign language as his  friend is non verbal. He is learning how to make eye contact and how to hold hands. All these important skills were never picked up at the usual time of development.

He looks out for his friend and gets so excited when they are reunited. They have their own private jokes and language that is exclusive to them. Now think about your best friend, how many goofy times and in jokes do you have with each other? I think all these interactions are healthy for filling in what was missed early on in the piece.

I don’t see it as a backward step as his speech has improved greatly and his conversation skill has come along way. His school work is going well and he knows his phonic’s beautifully. He is moving forward with confidence and I’m so happy for him. I think that when you have a friend you feel like you can conquer the world and learning can become easier.

Sure, there are times when the teacher needs to separate them because they get a bit distracted with each other but that’s an easy solution. I’m glad he has a friend and I just want to celebrate it!!!!

4 responses to “My Son has a friend

  1. That is lovely Tamar. As a parent also with a boy, also named Zac whith VCFS, it is rewarding to see them interact wiht other children and form a bond.
    Zac has a friend in kindy that also plays rugby with him in our local rugby team. They too call each other “best friends”. So sweet.
    Zac’s friend’s mum told us that her son loves Zac and says all the time he is his best friend. When he takes treats or money to school his mum always has to give extra so Zac can also have some. 🙂 So sweet.
    Zac goes to a mainstream school also so it is great to see him interact and get along very well with children who do not have VCFS. It gives me hope that he will get along fine in the big wide world. 🙂


    • hi Nicole, The good thing about Zachy’s school is that it is mainstream but with an IO class. He gets to do a lot of things with his kindy yr. so he has the support of the IO class and plenty of opportunity’s to mix with the rest of the school!!!!….so glad for your Zac too 🙂

  2. Hi Tamar… (We’ll make money from child artists one day!) I’m so pleased your son has a friend. Friendship makes everything else ok. Cheers for you both! 🙂

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