An Artists View

This is an artistic representation of the interior of our new church before we give it a lick of paint.

It was one rainy day I was passing by and I popped in to have a look at the premises. I was then inspired to whip out my iphone and take some ordinary shots of the place. I then got very excited as artistic inspiration struck me and I started to take close-ups of all the abstract moments I could see.

As well as taking documentary shots of the journey I think it’s  special to have an artistic response to the place. I feel that somehow it’s my responsibly as an artist to do so. Well, not just my responsibility but my indulgence for getting all creative and arty.

So here is just a few of my church/arty shots that you can have a glance at and make up your own mind and have your own response to, happy viewing 🙂


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