Taking self aborbness to a whole new level!!!

I heard a story the other day that just simply shocked me and even now I can’t believe how an individual could be so self absorbed. One of my friends was telling of how she and her friend were partaking in a charity walk when her friend stopped in to visit the ladies.

While her friend was on the toilet she heard a really loud knocking sound on the door and then a stern voice said “I need to go to the toilet”!! She was sitting thinking “huh, what’s this lady on about??”.  She didn’t go any faster but when she finished her business the lady who was knocking on the door proceeded to give  her filthy looks.

That women wasn’t in urgent need to go, she is just really self absorbed and obviously thinks that the world evolves around her. This kind of selfishness just does my head in and I have a very strong opinion towards such folk. Fair enough if she had a bladder problem but in this case, just utter rudeness.


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