My Child

I was inspired to write this piece when I read something that disturbed me about a child who was doing pre-school homework and the mum got so frustrated that she made the child cry. What if that child had additional needs? what if that child’s strength’s were in art, music or athletics’. What if that child was just being a child and all they wanted to do was play with their toys or jump on a trampoline?

Children learn through play and being allowed to explore the world around them. It is so crucial for a child’s development to be free from unrealistic adult expectations of perfection. What has happened to the world that kids can’t just be kids anymore? It’s provoked me to write this little poem below all about my child who is far from perfect and in fact had some bits missing from his DNA!!

My child knows how to have fun

My child knows he is  loved

My child is loving

My child has a friend who he can conquer the world with (or the playground)

My child knows who his tribe is

My child knows how to laugh

My child has a sense of humour

My child can make people laugh

My child can run very fast (especially when he is absconding)

My child loves music and has  rhythmic aptitude

My child is experimental

My child is not perfect

My child is happy

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