Playing Differently

This is my favorite toy. It’s not mine but belongs to my son who has VCFS and learning difficulties. It’s a regular toy that  give’s him enjoyment rather than frustration unlike many other toys that he own’s.  When My son does  play it’s  never in the expected functional age bracket that he is.  His Lego  play consists of it being all separated and he like’s to feel and listen to all the pieces jangling together. He thinks the washing machine is a toy and loves to press himself against it to feel the vibration and movement.

Occasionally you will find him playing with a toy where the intended use of the toy is actually applied. I don’t get too worried about this because he is who he is and I love him. Yes, I’ve experienced grief at times when I notice he’s not like all the other kids but those feelings pass.

Life is colourful with a child who is sensory 🙂

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