Drinking from Puddles

When I used to take my son to playgroup and when it rained the asphalt play area made the best puddles ever. So the rain would be teaming down and I’d have a mum say to me “Tamar your son is in the rain” and I’d say “yes I know”. I’d look out and see that he was having the best fun ever.

Okay, I realize that we all must practice water safety and yes a child can drown in a puddle of water, so I strongly encourage supervision!! In one particular case I was comfortably under shelter with a solid view on my sensory loving Son. As I was watching him perform “the fountain” (laying in a puddle and putting some water in your mouth and spitting in out with force) with my hot steaming cup of tea I began to reflect on when I was a child.

I have a memory of playing outside after the rain, I became thirsty so I helped myself to some water from a puddle. It worked as I was no longer thirsty and I continued on with my play. As a child I really don’t remember being sick a lot I just remember having lots of fun, that the world was an adventurous place. Is the world to a child adventurous today?

Have we become an over-anxious society? Are we over protecting and over exposing our kids? People freak out about letting their kid get messy and drink from puddles yet think nothing of exposing them to adult mindsets like weight and food issues or sexy images that advertisers dish out. I don’t mean to sound preachy but I’m pointing out what I see and hope I makes sense.

Let kids be kids and let’s try not to make them grow up to quick. As a generation x-er I survived my childhood and I think I’ve done well in life. I was allowed to be a kid and I grew into adulthood at a very casual rate. I want my Son even with his challenges in life to be a kid for as long as possible and only face adult issues when adulthood comes upon him.


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