Tamar!! just write anything….something!!

I’ve missed my weekly blog, I was trying to do the weekly challenge and was going really well except just recently. So what does one to get back into blogging? I suggest to myself that I just start writing. Tamar just start again and there’s no time like the present.

I used to go to a writing group quite a few yrs ago now and I remember there was a discussion about writer’s block. It was suggested to there is no such thing as writer’s block because there are many ways to get the brain ticking and most of all you just need to start.

So that’s why I’m writing this blog, to kick-start my brain again to get back into the discipline of writing something every week. I find this is the same with art, you just need to start. Admittedly I haven’t done a painting in ages but I’ve been busy doing creative things so I don’t mind.

Today I had a wonderful time cafe journaling. It was the first time in ages I was able to do so, as life had gotten a little busy and unfortunately I was avoiding someone at the cafe. I know, that’s a really strange thing to say but the person I was avoiding was really strange too. When I do my cafe journaling I want to be at peace with myself and when I talk to random stranger’s it usually very pleasant.

However on this account of verbal exchanging, it went to an unpleasant place. There was an overbearing nature to the conversation and according to my husband “a bit stalkerish”. My husband wasn’t there but I told him about the interaction and when that person later rang my house my hubby answered and that’s when he got the “stalker” idea in his head!!

So at first I just avoided my usual cafe time, but then a friend of mine explained to me that why should I be the one who has to change. This is my thing and I’ve been doing it for over a year, it’s a thing that replenish’s me and when I’m writing in my journal at a cafe it makes me feel good!

So I have reclaimed my usual cafe morning’s and the person I’ve been avoiding hasn’t been there for ages. I know this because I asked the girls who work there. They all knew who I was talking about, he’s getting quite the reputation. So with that distraction out of the way I’ve returned to something that refuel’s me and gives me joy.

I hope this blog makes sense, it is a bit of a ramble lol

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