An easy craft idea!!!

Today I visited a playgroup with a fun craft idea. This idea is simple and inexpensive. As you can see from the photo’s below all you need is clear contact, masking tape, cellophane paper, glitter, and lots of pretty scraps that you can get your hands on.

  • First you need to masking tape the contact onto a solid surface, sticky side up.
  • then have the children place the pieces of scrap cellophane, glitter and what ever else you have available on to the sticky surface.
  • once they have had their fun you then place another piece of contact over the work of art to then make a stain glass window.
  • then sticky tape it to a window and it’s very pretty to look at and the children can feel proud of their work of art.

Please note that this idea can easily be expanded by using leaves, sand and other things from nature. You could make a string one with all types of different twine and pieces of fabric.. You could also make the pieces of contact smaller and therefore  individual. Have fun creating friends and bloggers!!


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