Don’t forget your disability sticker!!

This note was found on the windscreen of a friend of mine. We were doing our regular coffee morning that consists of those who have a child with a disability and on this  particular morning Jody had brought along her daughter who has a disability.

We were all sitting having a nice coffee when one of our coffee buddy’s noticed something flapping sinisterly under Jody’s windscreen wiper so he went to investigate.  On his return he had a note in his hand and he was having a nice chuckle to himself. He showed us the note that he retrieved from Jody’s car windscreen.

It was then realized by Jody that she’d indeed had forgotten to place the disabled sticker on her car. We all felt it to be a completely ironic situation but Jody herself felt a bit bad as she herself know’s  all too well the qualms of missing out on the disabled parking spot!!!!

So what does this situation teach us? Don’t forget your disabled sticker!!!!!!!


2 responses to “Don’t forget your disability sticker!!

  1. Oh dear, lol! I think it goes to show too, though, that people shouldn’t be so quick to assume someone isn’t disabled, either. I’ve heard of cases where people have been verbally abused because they didn’t ‘look’ disabled enough, but were entitled to a disabled parking spot.

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