It’s too hot to blog

I really want to post a blog for my blog weekly challenge but it’s just so hot!!! It’s 11:50pm and it’s still about  28 deg!!! I have a few drafts ready and waiting for me to finish but I can’t concentrate, it just too hot. So instead of working on what I really want to say I’m just going worbigch (I just made that word up) and just say what ever comes to mind.

I had a wonderful time at home group tonight as I always enjoy the company of my Christian friends. I also feel like i’m having a revival of some kind. I became a Christian about 22 years ago and I haven’t lost the passion of knowing Jesus. Yes I’m a self-confessed nut case and proud of it. I worship a bloke who lived 2000 years ago, performed miracles, preached love and stuff and broke up a whole lot of bread for a whole lot of people.

He proclaimed he was the Son of God and had the power to not only deliver people from demons but forgive sin as well. He upset the religious establishment and allowed himself to be brutalised and killed for the love of all mankind. So yep, I’m a nut case and glad to be so!!!!!

Oh yeah, I also believe he conquered death and is alive today!!!!


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