Two more sleeps!!!

My son is starting school come Monday and it’s only two more sleeps!! Where did the time go? Five years have gone swiftly yet not unnoticed as It’s been full of drama’s and joys. I know he’s ready to go because he’s been like a cooped up puppy this last week of holidays. I’m confident he’ll be fine, he’s going into an IO class of only five children. He will get the nurturing he needs and because the school has a wonderful integration program he will be challenged as well.

The real issue here is, will I be ready and am I prepared enough? I’m having anxiety just thinking of his lunch box!!! will he have enough food and do I wrap his sandwich in glad wrap?? Have I got the right shoes and I’ve just realized that I’ve purchased nothing to fill his pencil-case!!!!

How did Mum handle my first day of school?  I was determined that I was not going to school and back then they didn’t have “transition to school” days. When mum and everyone was wanting to take photo’s of me I  looked to the ground in a defiant sulk. The only reason I gave up and compromised (as if I was really in charge) was mum told me they do painting at school. So I had my first school day and it was spent the whole day pestering the teacher asking her “when are we going to paint?”

When mum came to pick me up the first thing I said to her was “you said I was going to paint and I didn’t!!!” I was crying when the words were coming out. I guess you can call me a true and passionate artist right from the beginning. I can’t imagine my littlin crying over a lack of paint, in fact I’m not sure he will cry at all. My hope for him is that he has fun and makes nice friends. I’ll just go and have a nice coffee and enjoy the space.


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