My 50th post…a mile stone!!!

I’ve reached a mile stone in my blogging and I’m feeling very good about it. Over a year ago My Brother Nigel had convinced me to start blogging. He very proudly would brag about his partner Sharon who is Hearmumroar so I gave it ago. I was very slow to start with producing I think only three blogs. A year later he was on at me again “come on Sis give it ago, you’ve got a lot to say, comeoooon!!!!”

He really could be a sales person for blogging, because his persuasiveness  paid off and I gave it another crack. This time I’ve hung in there and been consistent and I’m totally loving it. thanks Nige!!!! I love to blog, it’s very enjoyable to get my opinion out there and I find that’s it’s another expressive tool to my creativity.


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