Back in the day we had no safety net!!!

Today as I was sitting around a table reminiscing with some ladies and we fondly recalled our trampoline adventures. You know? The pre net around the trampoline days, the days especially in summer when you soaped up the mat and propped the hose to squirt through the mat to make it a dangerous, slipping time!!

I can remember doing somersaults and landing in the springs only to free myself from the tangle and do it again. We had so many misadventures to tell, like putting the trampoline close to the pool so you can jump right in with an almighty splash. Yesterday’s trampoline was so much fun with much room for adventurous expression and it makes me wonder, what will the stories be that our kids will tell to the next generation?

Today’s trampoline has a nice netting around it that hinder’s the child from bouncing off and injuring themselves. As a Mum, I must admit that the idea of protective netting seemed to satisfy my “safety first” sensibilities. So how does the child of today jump with recklessness? I’ll tell you how, by gathering all their toys  and catapulting them with such exuberance and edgy cleverness. No matter how much we like to protect our kids from danger they will find a way to make it risky.

Zachy spends hours jumping and he’s never alone, there is always the sound of something jangling as he bounces. I believe it is not recommend but I am totally impressed with the skill and ability to make up a game as he bounces. I let him do it with confidence because I know that these adventures teach our kids valuable lessons on life.

As a society we have become very safety conscious, which is a good thing but lets not throw the baby out with the bath water. I know I just quoted an over used statement but it expresses rightly my thoughts on this very interesting topic.


3 responses to “Back in the day we had no safety net!!!

  1. Thanks for taking the time to comment on almost australian.

    Good to know that you also survive the old style trampoline. I love the fact that your children have invented a game to bounce their toys over the net. They are probably imagining what it would be like if they could do the same thing!

    • hi there, I just have one but after chatting with other mum’s I found that all our kids do it!!! It put a real smile on my face 🙂

      here’s to being bad mum’s 🙂

  2. Haha i 100% agree with your logic. Caiden has one of these “old school trampolines” He has fallen into the springs and also off it completely. He is alive and still loves to bounce. Limited experiences make for limited minds. 🙂

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