Glued to the telly!!!

For the past two day’s  I’ve been watching the flood disaster on TV, it seems like I just can’t peel myself away from it. It’s a mammoth event and certainly can not be ignored. Why am I watching this so intently? So many of my fellow Australian’s are facing one of the toughest event’s in their lives.

Some of the story’s that we are hearing are so heartbreaking, yet there are many heart warming ones too. Watching the rolling coverage is captivating and it’s  keeping us all who are watching informed. I’m so proud of the way this disaster has been handled by the many wonderful volunteer’s helping out. From rescuing people from roof tops to providing safe places for the children to play while they are at evacuation center’s.

I hope in days and weeks to come we wont forget our Queensland siblings as they face the overwhelming task of rebuilding their lives.  My prayers are with you QLD and I shall be donating money to the relief.


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