Good bye home town

This is Kiama Downs, my home town. I took the photo from the headland on the southern side. We’ve lived in other places and we have also been travelers of Australia living the vagabond life. Although  we’ve only moved 15 minutes away, this move  seems very significant and like it’s goodbye.

This time it is different because my Mum is no longer with us being that anchor that gently pulls us back to the place. I love Kiama Downs and I am proud to say that it’s my home town where I was born and bred but it is time for us to move on even if it is only a 15 min drive away.

I know, I sound so dramatic and sentimental but I can’t help it, it’s just what I’m feeling and I’m not going to argue with my feelings. I just want to mark this occasion as it’s important to me. In so many ways my life has changed especially when Mum died. Maybe it’s an expression of grief? So be it. I miss Mum and I’ll miss my home town.

Today I say goodbye, tomorrow I say hello. Hello new place and hello to new adventures awaiting us!!!


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