My love for the hills hoist

there is something simply wonderful about the hills hoist.

What a funny thing to be happy about, a clothes line!! For as long as I can remember the hills hoist clothes line has affectionately played a role in my artistic pursuits. Where does this come from? Is it the nostalgia of when I was a child my Mum and everyone else had one? Does it scream Aussie Aussie Aussie io io io? Is it symbolic of all the things that I love domestic? Who knows? All I know is that this emotional attachment is real and as an artist, I just go with it.

Since moving in our new place, the moment I did my first wash I was just so excited to be putting clothes on the hills hoist. I realize one could get excited about so many other things in life, but why not get excited over something a trivial as hanging out the washing. It’s important to wear nice clean clothes hung out to bask in the Aussie sun.

I find that hanging the clothes out relaxes me and I’m free the think of nice things. I like the rotation of the hoist, it’s a pleasant experience. I like to stand back and look and marvel at the sight of clothes on the line, especially when there is a breeze.

I accept  that I may sound nutty to some, but I really don’t care. I’m proud of my fondness towards the hills hoist and I’m sure there are other’s out there who are just like me.


2 responses to “My love for the hills hoist

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