The best relief ever!!!!!…Laughter!!!

for the past half an hour I’ve been hysterically laughing and watching a whole bunch of strangers laughing on you tube and I have to say it’s the best relief  EVER!!!

If you have been following my blog you would have read that we needed to move and  search for a new house. It has been incredibly stressful part of life’s journey. The pressure was on and I was getting really down because of the constant knock backs and the relentless hunt for a very scarce rental property.

Well the good news is that on Tuesday I got word that one of our applications was successful.  Yes that information in itself was a massive relief but I’ve still been on tenterhooks and of late have become very jumpy, especially when I get a text or the phone rings.

Today for some reason I was checking out you tube and stumbled upon video clips of people laughing. It was the best half an hour I’ve had in a long time and  I could feel all the tension leave my body as I was collapsing in pure hysterics!!!

Please enjoy and wet your self silly hahahahahahaa


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