The Hormonal Haze

Recently I was asked to give a presentation about playgroup to a group of brand new mum’s and their teeny tiny baby’s. It was such a pleasure to be in this environment and brought back many memories of when it was my time  being a new mum. I call this stage the “hormonal Haze” and it’s like you are swimming through some invisible underwater sensation that is Motherhood.

That beloved hormonal haze, where everything is baby and when you go to a mum’s group you are floating in the collective hormonal haze. Your conversations and concerns are baby and the way you are is different. You love your baby, you love baby’s, you can’t resist talking about the birth. Your protective of your child and protective of your new role as Mother. You are the only person in the world who knows what your child needs. You know best even though you don’t know anything at all.

It’s such a special time and I enjoyed the hormonal haze. My advice would be to embrace it while you still can and immerse deep in it for it doesn’t last long. There comes a time when the honeymoon will be over and the new part of the journey will present itself. For me it was the diagnose’s of my son’s syndrome, for other’s it was the arrival of their second treasure.

Nevertheless, it is okay when the haze dissipates for your focus and strength is needed for the next part of the journey. Toddler-hood, tantrums, absconding crisis’,  messiness and lots of embarrassing moments. You can’t afford to be in some sort of hormonal haze with all those kinds of  challenges  going on.  So I say hooray to the hormonal Haze and enjoy every moment and don’t waste not one drop of it.


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