squeezy wheezy cuddle wuddle

Rhythm and rhyme that’s what my son likes to do.

it’s one of his favorite things to do mind you.

he like’s to squeezy weezy and cuddle wuddle.

watch out now for that muddle of  puddle.

does that make sense?

no it doesn’t wuzzn’t

it’s not meant to make sense it’s just rhythm and rhyme.

in spite of my son’s disability he has loads of availability

kicking out rhythms to immerse in the verse.

he doesn’t want any more jelly on his belly

jelly on his belly means watching his heart on the telly.

I don’t think my son’s condition is all the scary

I think his head is  quite literary.

so lets continue with the fun and games

and every one have fun

lots of fun with our names and claims and all things flames.


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