The Random’s I meet- cafe journaling

I’m always amazed that when I do my cafe journaling the random people who I meet. Today it was an elderly gentleman who had no where else to sit, so he asked if he could sit opposite me. I love and welcome these random moments as it happens to me regularly and by shutting them down I would be missing out on something. I welcome it because of the interesting conversations that we have. If someone is bold enough to sit opposite some random chick with a journal and pen then the conversations are as equally bold and interesting. Rarely will I have a shallow “how’s the weather?” conversation with these random’s. No, they are deep and meaningful often resulting with happiness from both party’s.

This brings me to question my word usage of “random’s” as I feel that they are more like divine appointments.  Each person that comes before me has some deep level thing they want to say. Equally important, each person whom I’ve met in this situation want’s to hear something deep and not be some random person passing by through the crowd of humanity.

I think that these random (divine) moments are showing me that deep down we all want to belong. We all need community and we long for the street and public places to belong to us again. We desire that when we walk down the street or go to cafe’s, we are met with kindness and greetings. Bring back the street party without the legal ramifications or the unsafe trampoline. Remember a time when you could play with the neighbours on the condition that you be home as soon as those street lights turn on.

So what does it all mean to me? I’m going to continue doing this until otherwise notified. By notified I mean when my routine has another change and I’m unable to do this cafe journaling so frequently. At the moment it’s giving me joy so I’m lapping it up and going for the ride.


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