Everyone has something to say

I was thinking about a wonderful  documentary I watched about Paul Simon, he was in Africa conducting song writing work shops. One of the significant things he spoke about was, that every one has something to say.  He talked about how we tell our selves that we have nothing to say but he was insistent that this was not true at all . Some times what we have to say is not pleasant or we think our thoughts are insignificant.

I agree with Paul Simon, we all have our bit to contribute and there are many ways one can express what’s inside of us. I have the privilege of being an artist that allows me to express all sorts of things without too much articulation. Often I will do a painting and when I stand back and look I see the painting says a lot more than what I intended. I don’t know if many of us are afraid to say what we think or perhaps we are just being polite because that’s an expected social law?

I suggest have a journal ready and write down your uncensored thoughts and ideas. You will find with that process you will discover  that indeed you have something worthwhile to say. Okay there are times to keep a lid on it!! but just have confidence to know that we all have something to say.


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