The Messy Mum

I remember being told earlier this year that I was “The Messy Mum”. Here I was facilitating the craft for the children at playgroup and as I looked up to my surprise I saw about six mum’s  looking at me  and  telling me “Tamar your messy, we like being tidy, you’re the messy mum” For a moment I was stunned and the replied “well you need me in your life, because life is messy”.

It was quite a revealing moment as it said to me that I hadn’t communicated effectively that true creativity and art making was about being messy. you can’t possibly learn or enjoy yourself if staying tidy is your priority. So it prompted me to try to see how I could educate better those who know nothing of The Art’s  to become wiser of this topic that I feel so passionate about.

I decided that being frustrated or angry would do me no good. You can’t justify staying frustrated against people due to their lack of knowledge. It’s not fair to have that expectation on them as I have been the artist for 30 odd years and has been my vocation for about 20. I’ve studied art it’s my expertise and I understand that a lot of the public really have not dedicated much of their time to being creative.

The first step for me was to put my hand up as a volunteer for playgroup nsw. I told them of my skills and passion for children to experience true creativity. As a result of that first phone call I now regularly visit other playgroups and do a craft activity. It gives me the opportunity to present myself as the expert and then very gently explain the importance of what  I’m doing. This for me is fulfilling as I feel like I’m making a bit of a difference.

Another action that I’ve taken, is to begin writing article’s about this topic. It’s been such a great release  and I’m finding that my frustration has ceased. I would so dearly love for more of society to engage in some artistic adventure as it has so many benefits to our health and well-being.

So for now I shall be honored to wear the “Messy Mum” label, because at least it means I’m out there getting messy, letting mess happen and promoting mess from children. At the end of the day I feel like I’ve accomplished something special with the kids!!!!


4 responses to “The Messy Mum

  1. well done Tamar, i like this. it’s a great reminder to let go of the tidy bug. can’t write very well with babe in arms, sorry. x

  2. Well you are messy, and I still love you. Which should say something about your character. You might be messy but you have a lot of patience and love and understanding for the lost of this world. And you love me and put up with all my crap. So here is my hat off to you.

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