Subtopian Journey

The journey to the park. The suburban vibe. Cracks in the pavement, power lines. the sound of a hungry lawn mower. Trains go by like a whisper, trains go by like a fighter jet. Crossing the road carefully. There are some idiots on the road.

People rendering their houses and putting in a Jamie Durie  garden. What happened to the big back yard? Taken over by the big brick house.

Leaves fall on the pavement making lovely patterns. The sound of the stroller rolling effortlessly and rhythmically down the concrete path.

Prams and strollers have come a long way. A lot of posho ones on the scene, they look nice but there a mighty struggle to get on the bus with. We have a nice little one that is practical for commuting. we wouldn’t be without it.

Sunny day’s, sunny ways, green trees, power lines, roads networking, connecting. This is what I see when I step outside. lines interrupting the sky, cutting, slicing, dissecting the clouds. “the sky is broken” my son says.  this is the suptopian journey.


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