Cafe journaling…..should I start a movement???

For a year now I’ve been taking my journal to two different cafe’s and journaling. This has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience. I drop my Son of at pre-school take myself to the designated cafe armed with vintage style apparatus; a pen and vintage style dashboard; a diary with paper with lines. I then begin to write down my thoughts with the ease that it’s not going on facebook for the world (or just my friends) to see.

It all started the day I organised for my  Mum’s ashes to be placed in the Crematorium. Once I’d had that moment, which by the way was special, I took myself to Gloria Jeans for a caramel cappuccino. While I was there I pulled out my $2 journal and began to write.  I wrote and I continued to write to this day, I wrote all my angst and painful stuff concerning the passing of my mum. this was so liberating and continues to be. I always look forward to it each week and I have  become a known regular to both cafe’s.

To be honest I’d be a regular regardless of my journaling ways because to do love a sit down chino time, but the pleasure of journaling in that context is brilliant. It’s something that I’d recommend for all to have a try. Go on just give it ago and tell me how good it feels to partake. It makes me wonder should I start a movement??????


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