Subtopian dreams

I live  and grew up in suburbia, it’s not so bad,  I had a great upbringing but I have to be honest I’v been a little naive to a lot of things until recently. I lived in a mindset that every one was nice and nobody judged you by the way you dressed or the car you drive or how much money you earn. I know, you think this is very strange everybody knows those unspoken rules of society but it’s true, I really didn’t think that way.

A couple of years ago my husband had a break down and the upkeep of our appearance of wealth went down the suburbia drain pipe, washed out to the sea of helplessness. It was in this time that I saw the judgment of my fellow subtiopian kin.  Seriously if you don’t have the appearance of wealth people look down their snobbish self righteous noses.

It seems that the Jones’s, whoever they are, are the answer to subtopian greatness. For goodness sake who are the Jones’s??? Why are they the leaders in this network of streets and houses, who made them the leaders??? I say stuff the Jones’s, the Jones’s are in debt up to their subtopian eye balls, stressed out and terrified that at any moment now they will be knocked off their suptopian man made pedestal.

Tell me what is it to be great? I find my worth in a God who loves me, therefore finding that same worth in others. To look underneath the noise of gossip and judgment and to see the person through the maze of exterior wealth. I like to see the heart of a person not their shallow masks.

Perhaps I sound preachy but all I seek to be is honest.  I want to express this distaste of this appalling judgment that I and many have been subject too. I want to inspire us all to look deeper and beyond the outer shell and then do something positive about it. Hey I may not set the suburbs on fire with my passionate opinions but at least I can have my say!!!!


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